Breathe With Me

Breathe with Me - Kristen Proby

I totally enjoyed this book! It wasn't my favorite in the series but it was def a great read! Can I just say that the William's and Montgomery men are HAWT HAWT HAWT! And not just the looks either, Proby makes her male characters easy to fall for, they all have these beautiful personas that you can't help but love. 


What I enjoyed the most out of the story was the main characters interaction and instant reconnect. They didn't waste time getting back to where they were in the beginning. There was very little drama compared to some of the previous books, but there was enough emotional investment there for each character. 


They both had to deal with trust issues, as well as the heroine dealing with the fact that her mother had just passed, and before that losing other members in her family she cared about. So to read their struggle and follow them on their journey made the story that much more believable. 


**Side note** Loved the Vegas trip that was hilarious!