Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 9)

Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 9) - Kresley Cole The book was action packed from the beginning to end. I loved how Cole took us through the various past lives' of Aidan the Fierce.(Declan Chase) The entire time I was reading this I kept thinking. "How are the two going to get past it. At some point I was totally in awe with Declan and praying that Aidan would not come to front and take over. Does this happen? Well if you haven't read the book then you must to find out the ending.

Everything that led up to the end kept me turning pages. All the characters were rich and full of life, even when being held captive. Regin's sense of humor had me laughing as well as Declan's response to some of her not so nice come backs. Regin's mouth is always getting her in trouble. No holds bars in Reginville. The tension between Declan and Regin had me in a frenzy turning the pages to read more. Enjoyed the hell out of the bath room scene and the way the Cole captures their emotions on paper. Raw vivid emotion. Out in the forest was like UBER HOT! I enjoyed the mud play it was fun to read.

Other key players in the book are Lothaire, Enemy of Old along with some new Loreans. Natayla the Dark Fey assassin and Thad the Half vamp half phantom halfing. And of course Brandr the berserker and Aidan's right hand man. Nix played a small part but it was interesting to see that we now have some of the playing pieces to the upcoming Accession. We now have the names of the two factions that are pit against each other. The Vertas and the Pravus. We know that there are some major plays being made by Nix and Lothaire. So now I am curious how many more HEA's will we read before the Accession? Will it ever come? Game on!

This book had a little bit of everything in it. The attraction of two lovers cursed to never carry out their relationship to its fullest capacity, over coming fears, and obstacles that would set anyone on edge. But most of all this was a tale of Love and Forgiveness. It was heart wrenchingly hot an emotional. I laughed out loud, was mad, and then happy as can be at the end. I would have loved a little bit more smex at the end. And of course Kresley leaves the door open for all kinds of stories to spin from this one. Who took Declan's Boat ((Love Boat)).... What's up with La Dorada and The Ring? Who's Lothaire's ((HER)) Some think its Nix... Other's think its La Dorada... I personally think its either Furie... Or it could even be an unknown. Someone we have met but its never crossed our minds or even a new comer.

Definite Read... This is The 11'th Installment of The Immortals After Dark Series...

Can't wait for Lothy's book!