Double Time

Double Time - Olivia Cunning Hmmmm.... Where to start.

I enjoyed reading this story. It was different in the sense, of other Menege books I read, but then the same. It was the same in the aspect of the dynamics of the physical relationship between Trey, Reagan, and Ethan.

Where this book was different, was that Cunning took you on an emotional journey. Trey was so giving and raw with his emotions that I was truly invested in this story in regards to the emotional aspect. I couldn't stop sliding my finger across the kindle screen to get to the next page.

The opening of the story I was in a total, WTF mode, but then I quickly calmed down. I enjoyed how we got to see what the other characters where up to in their relationships and yes, the order of the book did bother me. But didn't stop me from reading.

If you are looking for an emotional ride, filled with some intense sexual encounters and very predictable come-on's this book is for you!

I wonder if she's going to spin off the story and do something with Exodus End... I think Dare would be interesting to get to know... :)