Desire Unchained

Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione
Shade and Runa had it good in the beginning.... They were both enjoying the time spent together until Runa catches him with his pants down, literally. She escapes while she can still keep herself together only to be viciously attacked by a freaking werewolf!

Runa is given the chance to get even with Shade, because, lets face it, this is all Shade's fault. So Runa gets her homework done to go after Shade only to be abducted and thrown into a cell.

1 week later after who gets to be her cell mate? None other than Shade himself! Can she continue to hate him or is she going to fall right back in the arms and lap of the smooth talking Demon held captive with her.

Shade's just can't believe that he's been abducted and Runa a human is here in this cell with him. Only she's not human anymore...

These two fight against all odds and a cures and still manage to come out on top!