Deep in the Heat of Texas

Deep in the Heat of Texas - Alta Hensley, Melissa Ecker, Amy le Blanc This is going to be my first Ever Angel/Devil Review... I think its a good idea because I enjoy reading and reviewing and sometimes you need a little bit of Angel/Devil in order to even it all out.

Deep in the Heart of Texas is the story of three women, who take a little mini break from their everyday lives in order to experience Ranch life. Each women gets to have their own journey while on this ranch.

As this is my first ever Angel/Devil review I guess I should explain exactly what that means. The Angel part of the review is the sweet goody goodness, where as the Devil part of the review is some things that I as the reader could have done with out. Every reader is different and that is a good thing, hell its a great thing otherwise the world would be boring... With that being said I would also like to tell you that I gave each book their own separate rating and then did the average... The average is really like a 3.5 but of course GoodReads doesn't allow that.

Alright on to the review....

Tempted in Texas by Alta Hensley...

Angel: I enjoyed the over all jist of the story, Sophia a workaholic running her own business and learning how to take everything a bit slower and enjoy herself. Deacon seemed to know her from the start, and it was nice how he made the adjustments to the program to better suit the needs of Sophia... The relationship that unfolded between them was very warm and inviting. Having a man build a house from the ground up and then wanting you to fill it with your touch to make the house a home, yeah I really dug that. My favorite part of the book is when Deacon is gone for the day building the white picket fence around his house. That was stellar!

Devil: Deacon did not strike me as your typical Dom, he was a tad bit too accommodating in that aspect. I would not call him Dominating, so he likes to spank and tie you up, and he's old fashion but again there was equal measure in the relationship as far as their sexual roles.So in my book Deacon was kinky.He started off strong in the beginning and then he just went in another less Dominant direction. The conflict in the story was good but I would have liked to have read a bit more about that (maybe as a back story) we see Sophia being apprehensive but we don't get exactly why until the end of the story.

Angel/Devil: Over all it was an good read the sex scenes were hot and the relationship between Deacon and Sophia was definitely heading in the right direction....

Deep in the Heart of Texas the men go all the way!

Tamed in Texas by Amy le Blan

Angel: I was pleasantly surprised when I got to this book because wow wasn't expecting sandwich time... I know I'm silly but I have to tell you I truly enjoyed the story. I kept reading and reading and did not want the story to end. Maggie the journalist gets paired with not one but two cowboys! HOLY MAG PIE SANDWICH! Well not quite a magpie sandwich but you get the logistics of where I am going with this. One of my favorite parts of this story is when they both help her down off the horse. When I read that the first thing that came to mind was IT'S GOING DOOOWNNN! Yeah say it just like that!

Devil: I was conflicted with Maggie at first because I thought the trip was suppose to be two weeks, yet she was trying to bail in like three days! Who does that to their friends, and why were on that subject how come the three of them never ran into each other up at the main house? Was dinner like three separate times that first day? Food for thought. I needed more description of the men I only got a brief overview.

Angel/Devil: Overall this story was Great! I enjoyed it from beginning to end my Devil hang ups were just that hang ups easily over looked and didn't stop me from reading the story...

Deep in the Heart of Texas the men come in twos!

Taken in Texas by Melissa Ecker

Angel: Drake and Payton's story was down to earth and real for me. Their situations were that of a real couple. I've read Melissa's Seduction in Memory Grove Series and just like in those she puts it all out on the table. Payton the standoffish cop who's cute and feels she needs to man up and be on guard all the time. Drake playa playa and openly admits to it. It was a great combo and My favorite part of this story is at the end when he shows up at her job back in California.. He instantly became my Hero!

Devil: Okay I wanted to slap both of them at one point in the story! Serious! Drake with his arrogant ass and just so not caring in the beginning, the two were literally at each's other's throats for a bit even after the smexy smexy. And when Payton gave her request... (not going to tell you what she requested) I was like SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! YOU NEVER EVER EVER SAY THAT TO A MAN... Now this part elicited a heated reaction from me which was NOT I repeat was NOT a bad thing. If the author can get a reaction from you they are doing something right! These two characters were so real for me that I just wanted to jump into the book and strangle the two! I was literally shouting at the screen. Girl STOP! and then I was like OH NO HE DIDN'T!

Angel/Devil: Overall the book was emotional for me I loved that I was so engrossed in their lives and was so excited about the ending.

Deep in the Heart of Texas Cowboys need love to!

So there is my review I have some other things to say as well like

Deep in the Heart of Texas all them boys ride bareback! Love them some ASS! But all in all The Love Deep with their Hearts in TEXAS!