Hunger Aroused

Hunger Aroused - Dee Carney This was the first time that I have ever read anything from Dee Carney. I now need to go on a massive book hunt so that I can find more of her work. Her writing is very refreshing.

This is the story of an accidental vampire. Jasmine had no idea that she was transitioning into a vampire. The only thing she did know was that she was sick. Real sick with what she thought was the flu. Being sent home while on the job was hard for her no nonsense type attitude, but her boss had been right to send her home. Grateful but still reluctant she heads home. When she abruptly walks into a very intense sexy stranger. He appears angered by their chance meet. Jasmine's too sick to pay attention to his anger or why it should bother him, either way. Sure she looked like death warmed over but that wasn't her fault!

Corin's an executioner for The Council. Its against the law to make new vampires and had there been a new one sanctioned he of all people would know about it, as this was his territory. Of course he will have to end her life the code requires nothing less but for him to follow and mete out her death which will take place in three days after her transition. He comes to kill but instead he finds that his goals are of course not her goals.

Does Jasmine want to die? Hell NO! It's not her fault she is becoming a vampire, and she know's nothing of this "sire" that Corin believe's she has. He describes heighten passion an intense sexual feeling that over takes her nothing of what she has experienced, hell ever. But before Corin decides if he should kill her the two embark on a journey to find out the source of her transition. Everything and everyone are not what they seem. The passion that develops between the two is something that neither of them expected. To Corin helping her through her transition is no hardship, but in the end he knows that he will end her life. Jasmine is ever thankful for his help but doesn't like the detachment she feels after their intimate moments are over, the only way to slate the fire that pains her during her transition is something spicy, or chocolate, or the hands of an expect lover to bring her release which in turn release Endorphins. Tricky tricky is what I say.

I throughly enjoyed reading this! Loved the back story and the way that their two fates are similar, congruent to one another. Cornin was mortal at one time in his life and was facing a mortal death in three days time out in the arena.... (Bring on the gladiators!) Where as Jasmine is facing certain death in three days as well, under different circumstance.

The two develop feelings for one another and as Cornin struggles with his duty and his heart Jasmine struggles with her heart and the will to live. Its passionate and amazing story that has you wanted to continue on. Which is exactly what I did. I love stories that pull on the heart strings and this story did just that.

I gave it 4 stiletto's. It had all the elements and components of an awesome story. Exactly how it should be... Will be looking for more of Dee's stuff and adding them to my ever growing TBR Pile