The Fallen Star

The Fallen Star - Jessica Sorensen I enjoyed this book so much that it kept me up into the wee hours of the night.

I was intrigued and completely excited to read this book. It started off with a girl Gemma with no feeling and then suddenly she starts having this emotions. That in itself was intriguing because everyone has some sort of emotions right? Right.

Then of course she meets this "strange" Gorgeous guy name Alex who makes her feel all kinds of emotions. Want. Nostalgia. And not to mention that he's hot and treats her like dirt. Before I go any further this is sooooo NOT Twilight. Not in the least.

This is the story of a girl finding out about who and what she really is and along the way there are things "Death Walkers" That do go bump in the night and can kill you. Death by Freeze.

The characters we get introduced to all play major roles in the story. There are some minor ones but they still matter and push the story forward. Gemma doesn't understand why she hasn't been able to feel anything for most of her life, but now that she is feeling she knows exactly what she's been missing out on.

She keeps having the recurring dreams of the strange man with the scar on his face ordering her monsters to slay her, barely escaping the dream when she wakes, only to find that the dream isn't a dream at all but the players and monsters are in fact real.

She feels connected to the stars and can never figure out why until Alex and his sister Aislin come along. Although Alex is part of a secret order of so called protectors against her monsters he hides from her the worst of all secrets. Yet Gemma is still pulled by their connection the two share, but neither understand. Alex being the guy that he is plays on the connection trying to earn her trust. Is he friend or is he foe?

Laylen once part of the same secret society was turned to a vampire and offers some light into her past history... Who she was who her mother was and perhaps all is not what it seems to be. Who exactly can Gemma trust to help her not only fight her demons but to rescue a woman she sees in visions that was pulled into a lake and taken to a prison beneath the earth?

There are so many twists and turns in the story and the ending will leave you wanting more. Sorensen wrote a dark and intriguing book. I went looking for the publisher to request a review copy of the next book when it does come out and found that this was self published by the author herself. Its very well written. Nothing will keep you from turning the page and embarking on the Journey that Gemma goes on.

I recommend this book hands down!