Bound By Blood

Bound By Blood - Amanda Ashley When we first meet Kaitlyn she’s on her way to her new cabin her father has just purchased for her for a graduation present in Tahoe. I must admit I am very iffy when it comes to Vampire stories. Some of them are just way over done, or under done.
This story had the perfect combination of a little bit of bad vampire and the good. Kaitlyn is half human half vampire. Her kind are Romanian vampire. Her kind can’t turn other’s into vampires, but are born to that life. They are not able to go out in the sun, and don’t kill their prey, usually. Zack on the other hand was made into a vampire, whose seen as the enemy of Kaitlyn’s people.
I would have almost said, they were two star crossed lovers. But as it turns out Kaitln’s mother who is human is married to a vampire. This use to be taboo to her father’s kind as well. Until he defied all odds and married her mother anyway.
I would say that you really don’t have to read the first book in order to enjoy this one. But it couldn’t hurt. There is an instant attraction between Katy and Zack when they first meet. Neither of them know that the other is of vampire descent. I was kind of disappointed that this didn’t play out longer in the book. And the way they find out the other is not totally human wasn’t how you would expect it to be. That is my only complaint through out the entire book.
This is a sweet tale of boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, and girls father doesn’t like him. LOL Katy’s father who is the coven leader of his clan puts Zack in a dungeon to die by the light of the sun when he firsts meets him. Katy of course comes to the rescue and argues with her father that she really is in love with Zack.
Despite the father not wanting his daughter to be in love with Zack because he was a made vampire not born. He finds himself liking Zack anyway. I generally liked the plot of the story. The plot wasn’t hard to figure out and that was not a bad thing. The events as they happen were well written and you could tell what the outcome was going to be. I found that I was able to read it faster because I wanted to see the outcome of the story as it unfolded.
This is definitely a series I will continue to follow. I look forward to the next book.