Kept reading until 4am

Chained by Night - Larissa Ione

So what started out as a crappy night turned into an amazing evening of ups and downs, and OMG moments! 


Now there was nothing crappy about the book, but because I had this to read, it made my journey into the world of Technical Support that much more livable. 


I picked up Chained by Night, thinking to myself, I'll start this and then finish it during the week. (What was I thinking.. .right?) This is Larissa Ione we're talking about, and I've never been able to read one of her books, and just pick it up during the week to finish. Somehow, I think my subconscious knew this would be the case, and somehow convinced my brain that while I was tech support hell, only Ione could pull me back from the brink of insanity. So as a remote rep dialed in to fix my computer, I sat and read... and read... and read... Long into the wee hours of the morning. 


I love this series! Did I say I love this series? Well I do! Hunter has promised Kars who is from another clan that he would mate with his daughter Rasha in order to bring peace between the clans. Rasha has a twin Aylin who most believe is some grotesque lower than life person. (She is far from that) from the moment I started reading the book, Ione laid out a fairly predictable plot, but in doing so, she sets the stage up for an amazing adventure. As a reader you know that Hunter is going to end of with Aylin.. How could he not, the sister Kasha is stuck up, and basically just a big Ol' BEYOTCH through out most of the story, and what little kindness she does show her sister is not truly a kindness. 


I was in Hunt's and Aylin's corner from the start and loved watching these two struggle around each other for their feelings, because when the fire finally sparks, its amazing to watch how it just keeps getting hotter and hotter.... 


Then Ione throws in the "Tests" that have to be completed by Hunter and his mate, who not only refuses to go, but allows her sister who is "seems" physically unable to go in her stead. This was my favorite part of the entire story. Aylin sacrifices so much. Regardless of how she was brought up to believe she wasn't better than everyone else, and virtually last in the pecking order. 


I love strong heroines more than their alpha protective heroes but Hunter also showed a side of himself that I think surprised even me. Even when he was going to try and help her, he listened to her when she told him to stand his ground. Even though everything in him told him to go and save her, he allowed her to be her own person, make her own decision. (BEAUTIFUL) 


There was some reveals that happen in this story, we learn a little more about some of the secondary characters, and now I'm left wondering, who's next? The history between Myne and Hunter is revealed and I swear i didn't see that one coming. 


Samult is a punk ass, but I'm curious about him.... (Gotta read to find out who he is) 


I loved the lore that was created around the characters. 


Sex (Check) Steamy (Check) 


Once again Ione delivers a powerful tale filled with action and love, and surprises around every corner. Characters that will stay with you even after you close the book. Excited to see what happens in the next installment and who's up for the new "Love Connect"