Surrender to Me

Surrender to Me - Shayla Black The first Page was good... I was caught from the beginning and I didn't want to stop turning pages. Hunter is an Alpha's Alpha... What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas or so Kata thought. It's her 25th Birthday and she's doing it up in Vegas.. Friends, Family and her friends with benefits Ben. Not every girl gets to have her fantasy granted but that's just want Ben's offering her... A night filled with just that... Her fantasy... Two men... One extremely satisfied Kata...

Hunter is off on leave and recouping from a gun shot wound, and his friend Ben calls him up to fly out to grant his bed mate a little menage a trois. Only when Hunter see's Kata for the first time he knows that this one woman was meant for him. He want's more than just one night he wants all her nights. Forever. End of Story.

Hunter is on a time line and has a little less than 6 days to get the woman he wants to want him just as much if not more. Kata doesn't exactly see it that way... Sure their sex is explosive, even brings her to tears, but Hunter strips her in a way no man ever has, or ever thought a man would. But she just can't submit to him. Kata deals with her fears of loosing herself in the type of relationship that Hunter wants, her mind is in constant battle with her body.

Now imagine the movie What happens in Vegas... Yeah that's right only, lets change up the game just a bit.. Add an assassin, a very dominant male, and his buddies all trying to protect the firey Kata who thinks she can do things on her own. Then throw in some D/s and a whole lot of Hot Steamy Sexing and SCORE! Your ready to Surrender... Yeah that's exactly how Hunter made me feel... I wanted to be Kata and smack her up side the head for being so damn difficult. I am sure had she submitted we would have gotten a lot more sexing from the story. LOL..

Seriously though it wasn't just about the sex for me as a reader.. There is nothing wrong with it we all need the fiya! But from a serious tip... Did Hunter come off as a bit pushy? Maybe stalkerish in his persistence to gain Kata's love? Well some would say yes, some would say no... Did I agree with all his methods? Well I'm not telling! LOLOL There were moments for me when I was like Hunter take it easy man your scaring her, but it was the intensity of his dominance that pulled me in. He didn't demean her in any way but, loved the hell out of her with a strong hand and a hard body... OOOH that sounds good yeah?

I don't want to give it away you have to read it. Its a powerful, emotional tale. Sensual in ways that just keep you turning the pages. I really enjoyed the story and I gave it a five because it deserved nothing less. Some of the characters from the previous stories make an appearance, and I am so ready to re-read the whole series front to back.

Some of the things that make you melt... Well let me just share one with you.. Just one because believe me there are a lot more and you definitely want to read to find out... Then I will share a small little iddy bitty scene with you as well.

Hunter: The Intense bond of people who fuck not just with their bodies for the sake of orgasm, but with their minds and hearts, to share the ultimate pleasure? Who give themselves to each other so completely that you and I become an us that's so solid, nothing can ever shake it? you don't want that?"

HELL TO THE YES! See that was a moment of "Kata honey, I am going to slap you blind if you don't wake up and love the hell out of Hunter!"

Here is a small snippet: ((UBER SMALL)) Meant to get you wanting to buy the book....

He trailed his fingers through her drenched folds. She gasped at the immediate resurgence of pleasure. He could make her want him so easily so completely. That unnerved her to the core.
"Your body wants this." He drilled a serious blue stare into her, as if willing her to understand. "Now your mind must accept it. I see a submissive's need to be taken and to please on your face, but your fear is in our way"

How can you not want a man so in tune with your needs... It takes a strong woman to take on an man like Hunter... He's not asking for a timid one, he's asking for a partner... Okay no more oohing and aaahing over Hunter...

I love how he says we, our... Melting me even further... So... I only do this when the book is bomb! Like truly bomb! And... Shayla darlin if your out there I would love to do another interview with you and Give away the Wicked Intent Series because you and I both know they really need to read this! If they haven't already!