The Game of Love

The Game of Love - Jeanette Murray Okay lets gets down to the nitty gritty of the book.

I liked this book, it had its moments of funny, sad, and just Oh my god he did not just say that. I was a bit leery in the beginning only because High school Football Coach vs. The High school Tennis Coach. I didn’t think it could work.

An unlikely situation puts two people together that would otherwise not have interacted with one another, at a closer glance.

They both played professional sports, Brett Pro Football and Chris Pro Tennis. She didn’t want her pro-status to be out in the open, where as the entire town knew of Brett’s status and at times I think he used that as a way to justify his behavior. There is a termed he labeled women due to a failed married. “Proho” Which I thought was funny but called appropriately. In that there are those types of real life situations. Brett didn’t want to be taken advantage of and I think with Chris ignoring him so hard in the beginning that is what set the sparks flying. She wasn’t what he was use to.

For Chris it was the opposite. Brett was exactly how she pictured an ex-pro athlete as his mouth continued to get him into trouble. For the longest time as I was reading I thought the two were never going to catch a break. They were constantly at odds, then there was just a moment where the two let their guard down and the relationship was able to grow.

There was Chris ex-boyfriend and professional Hockey player Dax that almost accomplished what he set out to do. He was the poster boy for JERK! Brett’s interaction with his family was close knit where as Chris was alienated by her parents as they wanted her to be in the spot light. They didn’t approve of her teaching High School Tennis. Her best friend Katie was married to Brett’s best friend Jared. I’m not sure if there is a story prior to Chris and Brett’s, but those two were a couple that played an integral part in Chris and Brett’s relationship.

There was some sexual tension in the book, and the sex scene’s although not intense were romantic. There are even a very funny moment where Brett’s brother meets Chris in a not so hot moment. The chemistry between the two couple’s were good, there were some very funny moments and some very intense moments.

The plot was good, slow at first but once you got through both the character’s barriers it was easy reading. I gave this book three stars on GoodReads.