Ecstasy Unveiled

Ecstasy Unveiled - Larissa Ione QUICKIE REVIEW

Lore is the brother of Eidolon, Shade, and Wraith. He's what is called a half breed.. And According to your brothers there are no such things as a female Sem.. ((So they think)

Being an assassin has its drawbacks... You get the craptastic assignments and you live to fight another day. Lore has been giving the chance to get his 100th assignment which in turn will release not only him but his twin sister Sin's servitude to the evil nasty Deth..

The assignment: None other than Kynan his new band of brothers favorite human who also happens to be someone who is Primori and guarded by a beautiful guardian name Idess. His sister gets a similar assignment a Warg who is also guarded by Idess.

Dilemma: Idess is trying to protect three people at once.. Loses one and then is left to not only stop Kynan from dying by waylaying Lore but also protect him.. While some crazy women chases her across countries trying to off her...

Bring in Reaver and Conall (CLOSET SEX) and a whole host of others and you have a recipe for an appetizing and fulfilling read.

Idess is falling for Lore, Lore is falling for Idess.. Sin is having wonderful closet sex with a hot sexy dhampire name Conall who has a bet with Luc and Wraith of all people doesn't want to kill his brother Lore... And something freaky is happening at UGH....