Passion Unleashed

Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione Wraith finds out he's dying. He also learns the hospital is dying as well as his brothers and the only way to save his family is to seduce and charm a charmed one name Serena who was bitten by a Mara Demon. This demon gives her a disease that only that said Mara Demon can cure otherwise she will die... All Wraith has to do is seduce her still the charm which he can only do by taking her virginity, which will cause her to die immediately.. And all wrongs will be set right in UGH world..

Only Wraith falls for her. She in turn falls for him and she willingly gives up the charm to save his life. (AWW). On top of all that Kynan is somehow now part of a bigger prophecy (LOD-Lords of Deliverance) Well at least I think he's a big part of LOD.. Who comes back to spark up things between him and Gem, only Gem is not so easy.. Top it off the brothers now have Lore to deal with who is the other assassin sent to kill them by their own brother Roag, only he's their brother too...

Okay have I confused you enough? There is also Byzamoth who has a Pinky and the Brain complex to boot... So you see the book is amazing!