Eternal Rider

Eternal Rider - Larissa Ione Horseman of the Apocalypse:
War: Ares / His Horse: Battle
Famine: Limos (Female) / Her Horse: Bones
Pestilence: Reseph / His Horse: Conquest
Death: Thanatos / His Horse: Styx

Where does one begin with such an Epic Tale? Okay I am going to give you as much information as I can with out giving you spoilers. And Some of my favorite lines in the book. Because they were that good. Also will give you the snippet that was previously given to us by the Terrific all encompassing, Genius of a Writer that is Larissa Ione. Hint Hint. She is the Author Pimp of the month for April for the Blog!

Eternal Rider is the first in a series of books based on The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The breaking of the first seal begins at the hands of the Warg Epidemic this caused Reseph (Pestilence) thanks to our favorite female Sem Demon Sin to crack . Fast forward 6 months to present day and the world although it hasn't gone to hell in a hand basket it will if all four horsemen are unleashed. A trigger for breaking the Horsemen's seal is called an Agimortus which can be a symbol engraved or branded upon the host person or object. Three kinds of agimort have been identified, and may take the form of a person, an object, or in Reseph's case an Event... The Warg Epidemic

Cara is a non practicing vet who's bills are piling up and well life is just not all that great for her, then one night all that changes when she gets a knock at the door. Reluctantly receiving a patient in the form of a bleeding dog. No ordinary dog but a Hellhound who she ultimately saves with a little something extra. Chaos erupts and turns her world upside down. In come the major aspects of this story as things go from bad to worse.

RxR which is mentioned in the Demonica Series, is a big part of this series so we will be seeing the group of soldiers who are into monitoring the things that go bump in the night as well as Kynan and his Aegis. There is a very well thought out story that unfolds for a reading experience that is just *rubs hands together and grins* Quasi Evil.... Like Wicked Evil! But in a totally good way... Good vs. Evil has never been this exciting... Now I know were all thinking where are a titillating men of Underworld General Hospital! I am here to tell you that they are weaved into the story that will still leave you reeling!

There is death and chaos, our wicked evil doer Reseph is just dastardly! He's like EVEEL! To the point to where you are like YO kill that dude like right the eff now...*Quote* Reseph to Cara: Take it out. And if you do anything stupid, I'll cut off Ares dick and make you eat it, do you understand?" YIKES!
But he's too integral to destroy, he keeps the story and the plot moving forward with every move he makes. Ares of course is in his own dilemma and why is that you say? Well just being near his Agimortus makes him weak, and who do you think that would be? Did you guess Cara? You're right. How the hell did that happen yo! All I can say is read that particular twist and you will be like WOW!

Cara and Ares is a love, hate, lust, want to touch you and do naughty things to you kind of relationship. Ares is not your average Alpha male. He is like your Alpha souped up to like the tenth degree times infinity. He's so just out there. *Quote* Ares to Cara: "I'm a warrior not a nurse maid" He really thinks that comfort makes a man soft. But there is a side to him that Cara gets to see that others don't whether Ares wants to admit it or not he's got a soft part. The two of them make sense, its a good balance for the both of them. He wages war and she wants peace, but if you piss her off watch out she's got something for that ass! Pay very close attention to how there relationship blossoms.

Thanatos and Limos are quite characters themselves. One is covered in Tats and a bit broody while the other wears flowers in her hair and loves to wear sundresses. She is the girly girl who is Famine. Odd right? But it fits because there is a warrior side to her and its kick ass! And Than with his tats... Good Lawd! I so want to see that throat of his when he swallows or speaks... He's got a scorpion tat right on his throat and when he swallows or talks it looks like the scorpions stinger is jabbing him right in the throat... That's dark and sexy as hell!

I love all of the horse's names that belong to the Four Horsemen. There is Battle who belongs to War (Ares). Then there is Styx who belongs to Death (Thanatos).Bones that belonds to Famine (Limos) and then of course Pestilance (Reseph) Horse's name is Conquest. The horse's themselves have there own attitude.

This is just to whet the appetite, give you a run down of what the deal is in a very vague sort of way I want you to read it yo! Seek the adventure, sit on that couch or lie in your bed and take the journey that Larissa provides. I finished this book in one sitting! HELL YEAS IS THAT GOOD! This is going to be a great series and I can't wait for the next book.. Which is Limos's and Arik's Book HOLLA! Yes Arik, Runa's Brother (Shades Mate) gets Limos who I am sure is in a sticky situation trying not to get her seal broken is among one of them I am sure.

Mistress Bells: I have to concur with Mistress Spice that this book was awesome! I love Larissa's writing and she definitely provides an adventure for the reader in this new series. I also loved how alpha Are's was. *growls*. But I have to admit, I am in love with Thantos (Death) already and cannot wait for his book! There is something about a guy completely covered in tats that does something to me.

I loved the relationship between the 4 siblings and was very sad to see that since Reseph (Pestilence) turned bad, they aren't the unit that they used to be. He seemed to be a very caring, nurturing brother and since his seal was broken, turned into an absolute terror.

I also loved seeing the characters from the Demonica series. Wraith plays a very big role in this book and I what comes out of his mouth. Check this out:
"I thought we were going to fight. Talk about lame. I'm seriously disappointed in you horsemen people".
See what I mean?! He's awesome! We also get to see Reaver!!!! He also plays a very big role in this book as he is a watcher of the Four Horsemen. I love him and hope that he gets his own book one day. (Gets on knees and begs the oh so awesome Larissa to make it happen!)

**I wonder if Reaver would mind if I called him "Reavie weavie" like Limos does... You think he would hurt me?** (Mistress Spice)

Mistress Spice: Now you all remember Demon Juice Right? The Special Blend of love that sets a girl on fire time and time again... Well let me introduce you to A special Drink Called.....Orc Weed.... From the Lips of Ares: "Orc Weed is an aphrodisiac for some species for others like humans its a sedative. For you apparently its both." Cara's Response to that: "Oh isn't that wonderful," she snapped. "And you keep this date-rape drug handy....why?" ROFLMAO! Now honestly Larissa needs to go ahead and A) Start the mass production of Demon Juice and B) Go ahead and start making the plans for Orc Weed... The drink that sometimes makes you hot but is suppose to make you sleepy... *warning label* Depends on the species...

There is a giveaway involved again courtesy of the fabulous Larissa Ione she is going to be sending us Author Copies when they come in don't know the number of books we will get for now lets just say two.... If we get more than of course we will keep you updated....