Live Wire

Live Wire - Lora Leigh
I was so excited when Jordan's Book came out! At the same time I really wanted the Elite Ops to never end.. But what can you do.. There are new teams now... Hmmm I wonder if Leigh is going to expand or embark on something new all together. Either way I am on board.

Jordan Malone thinks love is an Illusion.. Doesn't matter that his nephew's happily married and that his father has only ever loved one woman. To Jordan its all an elaborate ruse set in place to make people feel better. I knew that when Jordan did fall he would fight it till the very end.

That is what he does literally. He doesn't drop the three words until the very end of the book.. But oh it was so worth the read.

Bring in Tehya, father the hated enemy of the elite ops, who she shot and killed to protect herself. She was bred to be the best and that is exactly what Tehya is a product of fine genetic tunning wrapped in a package that drives Jordan wild. For six years he's resisted her and on the last night at command center the two decide to throw in the chips and experience one night of hot steamy, blow your panties off sex!

Tehya knows her heart as well as her mind and she's set her sights on Jordan, who refuses to admit that what between him and Tey is more than lust. Of course the heroine leaves in with out so much as a good bye and starts out her life in a new town with new people.

Hagerstwon Maryland... Fast forward 6 months and still the two are stubborn.. Well one of them anyway... Tehya feels like the whole team abandoned her that they the were only being nice as she was part of their team. She's changed her name to protect her true identity and to finally set down some roots. She's tired of running and with her father dead, why can't she relax, watch over her unsuspecting cousin who doesn't know who she is and own her own company....

Well that was the plan.. Until she'd been discovered by some nefarious people... And who comes to her rescue? Jordan and the who elite ops unit. Tey's first instinct is to run, but she's tired of running and decides she's going to fight for what little she is allowed to have.

Jordan wants to protect the woman that drives him wild outside and inside the bedroom. The two of them become intimate and just can't seem to get enough of one another... Only to find out that Love isn't an Illusion and the woman he loves is in very real danger.. Jordan makes the ultimate sacrifice... His Heart.

Murder, Mayhem, subterfuge and a whole lot of hawt sex makes the book superb! I enjoyed catching up with past characters and meeting new ones. I really didn't want this series to end...

DARK, SENSUAL and DURTY in a way that will have you taking cold showers and consuming mass quantities of chocolate! Its that FUCKING GOOD! TRUST ME!

Here is a small excerpt.. This little tiny piece is just to get you excited... Its an intense moment... Explosive!

His lips lifted from her nipple and moved back to her face.
"Look at me, Tey," he groaned, his voice tight, heavy with hunger. 'Let me see your eyes, baby."

Her lashes lifted, lips parting at the brilliance in his eyes. "No illusion," he whispered then, his tone tight, guttural.
"I love you Tehya."