Archangel's Consort

Archangel's Consort   - Nalini Singh This was a very hard book for me to finish, and it didn't pick up for me until the last couple of chapters of the book. I'm not sure what it was but the feel of the book was just not there for me. The relationship between Elena and Raphael did change and yes it was for the better, you could see the change as it progressed throughout the story. There was a too sweet and too how do I say weird feel to it... The Consorts, and Archangel name calling (pet names?) Were driving me bonkers and it felt a bit over used.

The story was slow for me and like I said didn't pick up till the end of the book... It felt like everything prior that lead up to it was just a filler. There was no climatic moment for me while reading... I figured from the start that it was Lijuan who was behind the murders. Neha's part in it was just a small side track. I did enjoy the play with Dimitri and Venom and Illium of course. The Sex in the book was steamy and the build up was great there, with that being said there were some moments when things weren't quite clear and so I had to go back and re-read it. Example the Angel Dance? Yeah I got it that they were doing the deed in air but the mechanics were just a bit off for me. I know that some people loved the book and others felt the same way I did but to each his own. Would be quite boring if we all felt the same....

What I enjoyed about the story.. Dinner with Illium's Mother the Hummingbird. The fight that took place between Raphael and Lijuan and of course the part of his mother and him finally meeting face to face after that brutal day way back thousand years passed.

What I am looking forward to... I am very interested in The Archangel's Seven and look forward to each of their stories... I think those would be quite interesting to read.

I do love how Nalini spins her words together when she gets into the descriptions and the sites and smells that she can pull off the page and make it come alive. (sounds confusing) There were just really good moments in the book and just really moments where the book dragged for me.