Sculpting David

Sculpting David - Nya Rawlyns I got this book from Net Galley. The description of the book is what led me to request it.

Net Galley Descritpion:David Michaels, heir to an artistic legacy – his parents, Adrian Michaels, premier sculptor, and Elena Stefanova, patrician Russian impressionist – breaks away to start a Gallery in the shark infested waters of NYC’s art world. David and his General Manager/mistress, Janet, approach Jacqueline Maurer, the talented daughter of Adrian's archrival, to showcase the Gallery’s opening salvo. Jackie will not disrespect her Papa, the redoubtable Jacques Maurer, and declines.

David pursues Jacqueline using a fake identity and masquerading as a fellow student. Intent on pressing his case, he loses himself in his art and the incomparable talent of his prey. David volunteers to model in her oils class, leaving nothing to chance and nothing to the imagination.

Jacqueline has complications of her own – a relationship with her swimming coach – and a plea from Jacques to come home to Paris to work in his studio. Torn between opposing factions and unsure of her heart, Jacqueline embraces her dark yearnings to produce the image that will ultimately captivate David.
Elena Stefanova must enter stage left to manipulate the warring muses, star crossed lovers and irascible enemies. Romance smiles wisely as David’s creation, The Raging Bull, pulls free of its confines.

This was a different read for me. It was emotional powerful and colorful all at the same time. This was not something that would have regularly attracted my attention, but I am so glad I read this. I consider myself somewhat of an artist, whether its in my writing, or painting, hell even doodling... (What? Its an art form if I say so :D) Jacqueline and David are the main characters of the story and both are artists, David is opening his studio and wants Jackie's works for part of the exhibit. Instead of her saying yes, she says no due to family rivalry. (I almost pegged this as a Romeo/Juliet story) This causes David to go undercover and pretend he's a student at her college. He poses nude in one of her classes for chair time and the two embark on a journey of discovery. Michael and Jackie were both blank canvas's until their lives became intertwined. Both giving only their outside persona visual to what really was hidden deep beneath their psyche. Both artist's work reflected what the other could not convey in their everyday lives. This raw passion the two craved was fully awaken when the two came together. Both in different types of unsatisfying relationship. And coincidentally both with older people. (That was the only cliche for me in the book) Their two bed partners end up meeting and hitting it off because neither could commit to the other (Michael and Jackie). That was my only huh factor. Everyone in the book got a HEA so I guess that was good, including the rival fathers of Jackie and Micheal.

Rawlyns really made the characters bloom for me. I could see, feel, and smell the substance. She wrote from a perspective that if you weren't familiar with artist palette you would be extremely inclined to seek out and discover all the different mediums one could use as an artist. Michael and Jackie brought out the best in one another no matter that it was something dark and earthy to them, raw and passionate they molded it into a piece of art that could not only sustain their desires but maintain their relationships as artist and as a couple. I hope that all made sense :D

As she trailed her fingers along his hip, marveling as his muscular frame tensed, waiting, hands clenched in anticipation. She bit her lip, ruing her lack of skill. She would have to imagine his body a blank canvas, with pencil in hand, upon which she could explore, discard, start over. She closed her eyes, allowing her inner being to float higher, her fingers probing the firm buttocks, teasing, exploring as he leaned forward, exposing himself to her curiosity-and his.

Davids being tingled, electrified, as her nimble fingers and sharp nails slid over sensitive tissue, followed by moist lips and a hot tongue that threw caution to the wind. he lay back on the bed, content to let her take the lead. He was, after all, her creature and she was free to fill the canvas with her unique vision. He tongue left a wake of riotous color and texture in his mind as it meandered lazily along his collarbone-a nip, nettle sharp, peaking his nipple, repeated until he ached in surrender, all inhibitions in full retreat. She danced along his belly, fingers and tongue and breath forging a torturous path toward his cock, now thick pulsing with anticipation. He moaned as she plunged a nail into the slit, pain and pleasure in a tang o of lust and desire. He squeezed his eyes shut, focusing on a single point of sensation, wiling it to magnify a thousand-fold, as she engulfed him with wet warmth and sharp teeth.