Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard I was asked to review this book by Omnific Publishing and the funny thing was is that I won a coupon on Twitter from them and this was the book I had selected as what I wanted to read. I am a sucker for The Divine Comedy and any references Dante's Inferno. Hence Gabriel's Inferno caught my attention. I hadn't even read the blurb just saw the title and immediately related it to Dante's Inferno. I have never ready anything by Reynard and had no clue what so ever... A virgin reader to a new author and I am just going to say that from the moment I picked up my Kindle I could not....Literally would not put my Kindle down. I was seduced, entranced, and completely satisfied after I reached 100%.

This is the story of two people with equally troubled pasts. I can't even begin to make sense of the story and sound the least bit intelligent. I was a virgin to the world that Reynard created for his characters. The narrator, and its characters were equally charming and sinful. There were characters in the story that I detested for reasons the reader will understand when they pick up this amazing read. I always give little quotes here and there for most of my reviews and I will do it for this one as well, because the words were amazing, colorful, powerful, and most definitely seductive in a way that has the reader pulled into the story, living all the emotions that Julia lived through as well as the destructive and tormented nature of Gabriel.

Professor and Student, Idolized Love and Dream, Awakens a powerful story that is Gabriel and Julia. The story opens up in Florence 1283 with the poet standing next to a bridge watching his secret love approach, and of all things the last thing he expected was far the beautiful muse to stop and actually talk to him but she does even if its only for the briefest moment. Then she leaves and he is left wondering if he will ever see her again.

Then fast forward to present day. The setting is a class room with a very occupied Julia Mitchell as she is basically staring off into space and is interrupted by a Professor Emerson who is calling on her in class. She isn't able to answer her question. He is obviously upset with her, is even rude with her and the entire class notices. Julia is embarrassed but is quickly rescued by the handsome gentlemen sitting next to her who passes her a small note. That calms her nerves a bit. The note simply reads. "Emerson is an ass". When she giggles a bit this gets her into more trouble with Professor Emerson who requests her to meet him after class.

The journey begins here.

Its a story of the forbidden as well as a story of forgiveness and strength. I really don't want to give the story away, truly and honestly. But believe me when I say that you definitely want to embark on their adventure. Its a sensual and erotic journey into the lives of not just Julia and Gabriel but all the other players in the game. Reynard makes reference to some of my favorite stories. One in particular as a child I use to love The Velveteen Rabbit. This is actually a pet name that is given to Julia by Paul the handsome student that rescue's her from Professor Emerson.

There is a dark and light side to this book, and it visits places that other authors have tried to visit and have not even been able to brush the tip of the iceberg. By a long shot! I don't considered my self a quote on quote top reader, but I do consider my self a worldly reader, and I read a little bit of everything from sonnets, to classical, all the way to biographies. My first love is Romance Paranormal to be factual. This is not a paranormal romance. This is a contemporary romance and it touches on Dante's Divine Comedy La Vita Nouva, and even the Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. Not in story but references made one I loved is when Julia compares Christa to a monster from the hobbit. I will let the reader figure that one out...

Gabriel Emerson and Julia Mitchell are not suppose to be together, the teacher/student fraternization policy at the university is very clear on that, but the two manage to overcome that along with some other interesting obstacle and secrets as their relationship progresses. It's a turbulent start in the beginning that turns to a raw burning desire, a flame that has never gone out for Julia and one the good professor had always believed to be a dream. Its an amazing read and I can't wait for the next book... The journey doesn't end! I am excited to see their next adventure. The entire time I was writing this review I was tempted to go back and start the story again. That is how brilliant Reynard is.

So its time for a quote... Its small and quick... But deep all the same. "Now his blessedness appeared"