Mystical Warrior

Mystical Warrior - Janet Chapman

My Book Pimp Bells asked me to review this for her. I am a long time fan of Chapman and wanted this book so bad! Glad to get my hands on it! I devoured it in two days ((Had to sleep)) and loved every minute of it!

Where do I start?

Trace and Fiona are a perfect fit. Chapman did not disappoint in this book at all. It was exactly what I expected and a little bit more. In the last book Maximilian Oceanus gifts Kenzie and William with the gift of their sisters return to them in Human form since they helped with his sister Carolina. Fiona use to be a Red Tail Hawk, she's the one that guided William to the future in order to get help from her brother Kenzie.

Fiona in Hawk form is strong willful, but ultimately sticks to herself. She didn't want to be human didn't ask for Mac to change her, but it happens anyway. Both Kenzie and his brother have no clue how to get Fiona out of her shell. Their solutions although seems a bit rough may just in fact solve everyone's problem... All accept for her new landlord. Trace who just happens to be William's Brother in Law.

Trace just back from the war in Afghanistan is trying to come to terms with a few different scenarios. First there is such a thing as magic. Kenzie can turn into a panther, and William use to be a dragon. Now he has to put up with an 11 century woman turned hawk, then turned woman living over his head. He is against it from the start, but gets sucked into Kenzie's plea of helping his younger sister find herself. Trace thinks she's beautiful, but clumsy and has to constantly remind himself to go easy around her.

The terms of Fiona are simple no one is to help her. Her rents paid for 6 months and Kenzie only gives her 500$ with the hopes that when she runs out she will have no choice but to go to town and find a job. I don't think men got the memo of "Don't push us women into a corner" LOL.

Fiona and Williams Sister Gabrielle do venture into town so that Gabrielle who is 17 can go and buy a magazine. What they end of getting is Fiona a dog that she names Courage. I think the name suited the dog just fine. The Dempster boys who sell it to her don't tell her that her dog is the runt of the litter and basically scams her. And who should come to the rescue? Trace!

By way of trying to get her to come out of her shell he agrees to let the dog stay even though Fiona bought the dog first. Then he gets her to help in putting up siding on the house...

This is the start of Fiona's transformation, she doesn't openly come out and start talking to him, but she does start to take over, cleaning his barn, re-arranging his tools, making him bread and grabbing eggs. She even moves in a couple of animals... She's turning Trace's house into a home and he doesn't like it one bit!

The sexual tension between the two of them is there but in small doses. Don't expect this to be some hot heavy steaming read. Chapman doesn't do that, this is a slow churning of emotions. Lessons are learned and people grow from the situation. The words exchanged between the two start of slow, but turn more meaningful as the book progresses. There store is one of courage from both parties and triumph. There are some secrets not just from Trace and Fiona but a very unlikely character who I know I wanted to know more about!

Mac is back folks! Yes Oceanus please a really huge role in the book and I can definitely tell you he is next in Chapman's work. I don't want to give all the deets away but trust me when I say the adventure is definitely there. I do want you to know if you have never read Chapman's writing its fun and flirty, there is some laugh out loud moments in all her writing and there are definitely happy endings all with a magical twist but the story offers love, kindness, it shows you the ends and out of a relationship that some may or may not be able to relate to. But its powerful and moving just the same..

This book was hands down a 5 for me. I knew what to expect going in and I wasn't disappointed at all. I have read all of Chapman's book and will continue to do so!