The Darkest Surrender

The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter
The Lords of the Underworld return in this enthralling tale of an immortal warrior determined to win and the beautiful seductress he can’t resist.

Possessed by the demon of Defeat, Strider cannot lose a challenge without suffering unimaginable pain. For him, nothing stands in the way of victory. Until Kaia, an enchanting Harpy, tempts him to the razor’s edge of surrender.

Known among her people as The Disappointment, Kaia must bring home the gold in the Harpy Games or die. Strider is a distraction she can’t afford because he has an agenda of his own – steal first prize, an ancient godly artifact, before the winner can be named. But as the competition heats up, only one prize will matter – the love neither had thought possible…

Mass Market Paperback, 426 pages
Expected publication: September 27th 2011 by HQN
0373775814 (ISBN13: 9780373775811)
The Darkest Surrender
Lords of the Underworld #8
Strider, Kaia
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I have to admit I think this is one of my Top 3 Lords of The Underworld Book! I enjoyed reading this book from the first moment I started to read.

Kaia is by far the coolest harpy of them all! But due to a mistake made way way way back in the day she was forever deemed Kaia the Disappointment! () She was just a girl who knew what she wanted from a young age. And so what if what she wanted happen to destroy half the harpy population? Okay, maybe that was a big snafu but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Kaia started out her days of just causing issues from the beginning. ( I love troublemakers!)

Kaia who slept with Paris(Yummy) and then when she went back for seconds. She bumps into Strider which is when she firsts really takes notice. Yes, I know Paris wouldn’t have had her a second time and I think Kaia wasn’t really looking to help Paris release but get some satisfaction herself. (SCORE for the Harpy!)

*side note* I would totally do Paris! And I can’t wait till his book drops! Did I mention that he is in my top three Lords! UM HELLS TO THE YEAH!Okay moving on!
First I have to write my official letter to Strider because lets face it! HE IS THE MAN!

Dear Strider!
I read your book! I loved your book! I know your with the Harpy and all and well Consort is such a big word. Don’t you think? I mean that is a forever kind of commitment. And since you house the Demon of Defeat, I swore I wouldn’t use it against you but damn!

Its all about Team Strider! I am totally on your team and well lets just say this…. I Dare you, know not even dare you, but I bet you can’t A) Leave Kaia (she rocks totally but come on you’re a hot commodity) B) Jump ship and just head to Tigris Land for oh about FOREVER! C) Protect me from the backlash of Kaia’s Jealous streak! Did I about cover it all up? Ooh wait double dare challenge I bet you can’t keep me safe from like all harm!

**P.S** I think I covered all basis and there for I am eternally grateful. Also tell your demon he better just sit this one out! This is a dare he doesn’t want to lose!

Cue Back to Review:

Okay I had to go there I know. Lets get back to the story. So Strider in the last book thought he wanted Haidee to fall for him. Haidee who now belongs to Amun who is the Keeper of Secrets and Haidee who aided the hunter’s in killing Baden the Keeper of Distrust.

But Strider’s demon wants Kaia I don’t even think that Strider and his demon realize just how much. Strider takes his demon’s silence as an act of not wanting to compete with Kaia. But that isn’t the case at all.
I don’t want to give to much away of the story so I will give you the summary version.
Our beloved Gwen who is with Sabin pretty much convinces Strider that he has to act as Kaia’s consort so that she is able to stay alive in the Harpy Games. The same game that got Kaia her name as well as keeping all Skyhawk’s out of the Harpy Games due to her little mishap.

Strider accepts defeat and agrees to go. Well I shouldn’t say he accepted defeat but you get the over all picture right? Strider does end up going to the games and at the Ceremony the first prize literally throws him for a loop! (Can’t tell you what the first prize is you have to read it!) Strider wants the first prize at all costs. At all costs! He even *gasps* Kills someone for it!

During the harpy games Strider has to feed Kaia his blood in order to sustain her. Lets just say that is not an uncomfortable feeling for him. At the same time Kaia is dealing with the rejection of her mother as well as her fellow harpies. They all have it out for her and pretty much want to kill her for her past transgression. She’s got some strange things going on with her body. And not just the Strider notion either!
Of course the two just can’t keep their hands, mouths, and other body parts to themselves and the sparks fly! Literally there is a burning passion neither of them can getaway!

What I enjoyed most about this book was that Strider knew the moment when he fell in love with Kaia, and wasn’t afraid to say it out loud! That was the best part and it didn’t happen at the end of the story either. Which is another SCORE! There is a not so secret marriage we get to hang with the Harpies Gwen, Bianka, Taliyah, and some newbies. We also see Sabin, Lysander, and that Angel we want to know so much about Zacharel.

I think Gena gives a couple of hints to the Angel spin off as the words “Angels” and “War in heaven” were used. That’s all she said really but I can’t wait for that either!

Paris is in Titannia looking for Sienna through out the story and basically is on a Quest to get her back at all costs!

William does a hack number on Gilly’s parents! (SCORE for Team William) and Kane well lets just say that having the Demon of Disaster is just not your everyday walk in the park! His actions are going to be of epic proportion and I can’t wait for his book either!

All in all you really want to read this book! Like don’t put the book down! Pick it up! So for those of you who have thought about picking it up and wasn’t sure, or just haven’t gotten around to it! I am giving away a copy! And you know I only do that for books I like UBER Love!

So leave a comment and this contest will end three days before the book comes out and the winner will have to email me like pronto in order to get the book the day it releases!