Lord of the Vampires

Lord of the Vampires - Gena Showalter There is a so called “Magic Mirror” The Hated Queen of Hearts, Orges, Vampires, Witches, a book and the hated Blood Sorcerer..

I love Gena’s book and I knew this one was going to be a winner! By no means am I dropping McKell by the wayside but Good Lord in Heaven I found a Vampire that is not only hot, but goes “monosyllablic” and makes it sexy as hell! Caveman is the new Alpha Male! Nicolai is indeed “The Dark Seducer”

The opening of the story was fantastic! Its been a while since I’ve read a story (fable) that started with “Once upon a time.” Sounds cliché because as children with Cinderella's and the likes that is what they started with.

Jane is still recovering from her car accident but she is a lot better than she was a year back. Everyone she’s loved she has lost, and when you meet Jane she is coming back from a 5 mile run. Part of her everyday routine that seems a bit stale.

She use to research the things that went bump in the night but when her more is diagnosed with cancer, Jane focus’s all her studies in helping find a cure for her mom. Only for her mom and family taken from her the day her mom receives the best news of her life. No more cancer.

Nicolai the prince of Eldin suffers from a similar fate. His parents were slaughtered and to save the lives of himself and his siblings the parents cast their kids out of the kingdom so they wouldn’t be destroyed by the evil Blood Sorcerer.

To make matter’s worse Nicolai becomes a sex slave to an evil princess in the kingdom of Delfina which is ruled by the Queen of Hearts. Not only does he become a sex slave his memory of his family and his past is wiped clean.

Jane has dreamed of Nicolai in her world and knows that the alternate universe/realm does exist, she’s even met a few vampires. What she doesn’t expect is to end up in the body of the evil sister who procured him at the slave market, and in a desperate attempt tries to rescue him from his life of slavery.

Nicolai is the only one who can see the real Jane. Everyone else in the kingdom of Delfina see’s her as Princess Odette. Jane is ensnared by the vampire her motives are only to help him escape, even if she can’t keep her hands to herself.

Nicolai only wants to escape and seek a vengeance that is bone deep in his skin. He has to kill someone one even if he doesn’t remember why. Jane is the key and answer to his prayers. At first he seeks her help only to use her to escape the kingdom of Delfina to return to Elden.

The two make quite the pair and soon Nicolai doesn’t want to just escape Delfina he wants Jane to himself as well.

Interesting things happen in this story, Gena as always deliver’s the best! I loved Jane’s character she was a strong woman and she never backed down! The two of them had suffered so much in their past, I think that when they finally found something that was real to them, they grabbed it by the reigns and pushed forward! I don’t want to give to much away of the book but the sex scenes are smoldering and the when Nicolai goes caveman all I can say is Yowza!

The next book in the series is Lord of Rage which is by Jill Monroe reading that now! This is the story of Nikolai sister Breena.