Night Walker

Night Walker - Lisa Kessler This is the first review that I have ever done that was very hard for me. I am sharing this with you because I feel that it needs to be said that sometimes as a reader we may run across things that test even our own boundaries not just as a reader but as a person. With that being said I have much respect for Authors who evoke emotions into their readers. It says a lot about the Author’s creativity as well as their writing capabilities. As a writer I know that to have a reader tell you that your book moved them emotionally is a good thing. Its what we all love hearing. Its that artistic flare that some have the create those emotions, lets the reader decided whether or not the love or loathe a character and the situation they go through. I had to call a fellow reviewer on this one because I had some very strong feelings about a particular scene in this book, and after taking a day to mow it over I decided that I needed to buck up and do the review no matter what. I committed to do the review and so I am going to do it.

This story is based on a lot of things, love, hurt, betrayal, and forgiveness. The fact that Calisto gave up everything to be with one woman proves that he went through a lot. As a result something very tragic to happened to him. When he thought all hope was lost he was offered another chance at redemption and went into the thick of it with out really realizing what it was he was agreeing to.

For Kate she’s been plagued all her life with these dreams, only to move to start fresh and find that the man that she was going to marry wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. Her mother had passed and although things had been left unfinished back home, she decides there is no better time than the present. Was she running from the issue she faced with her ex-fiancé? I would say yes and no but then that is how most of us cope at times, we leave the issue open instead of closing the door.

Kate is hanging out with her two good friends at a mission on the day of the dead when a chance meeting puts her in the path of Calisto Terana a dark and seductive stranger that for some reason she was drawn to. Kate battles with what she feels for him, due to the emotional issue she’d been through with her ex.

As it turns out Kate is the reincarnated of Calisto’s long lost love who he lost at the hands of the Fraternidad Del Feugo Santo. They eventually get together but there are secrets that keep him from being with her during the day. Calisto doesn’t know how to tell her who she is to him, let alone the monster he has become that prowls during the night. But is he the true monster of the night?

There are a host of other characters that contribute to the story who make the story strong as well as the plot. There is Calisto’s Director of the Art Foundation he heads up Bettina who gets involved with the true evil of the book Jose Mentigo. This is where I as a reader I stumbled literally. Not because the character was flat or not well developed but because of the act that was so vividly described in the book. With that being said it made me feel literally horrific. Now I’ve read my share of horror and suspense. I know what can be read in the book can get pretty graphic but I wasn’t prepared for it in a PNR. It wasn’t expected and it took away from the story personally for me.

Had this not been in the book I could have given this book a 4 hands down. I liked the idea of lost love reborn and found again. I liked the paranormal twist on it. I loved how Calisto didn’t view himself as a Vampire and mocked the mortals for all their false beliefs in his kind. The story minus the incident was great. I didn’t rate this but not because I couldn’t I just needed time to think it through.

As I write this I am willing to be adult enough to know that the Author did just what needed to be done, my dislike or like of the story may or may not be for someone else. We all have those moments when we say we would never ever look at something so gruesome but then find that when faced with said situation, what we do is watch in fact we are enthralled. I can’t say if that is what the Author was going for but I did finish the story. The ending was spot on and I am sure the next book when it does come out will be interesting and may even be something that I introduce to my reading palate. *laughs* Is this not one of the longest reviews ever?

So what am I going to rate this? Well I am going to say that over the story was good, beside the road bump that I encountered and I am going to have to be fair not only to myself but to who ever reads this review. Should you pick up the book and buy it? Yes and No… It truly depends on your reading wants and desires, its definitely different for me in regards to the PNR Genre. Did it have all the ingredient's of a PNR? YES! Was the plot and storyline strong? Yes! Was the hero and heroine well developed? Absolutely! Did I despise the evil bad dude? HELL TO THE YES and even a bit more than that! Did I have emotions? Yes extreme emotions from each end of the spectrum. So if you are interested in finding out what this book is about then definitely pick it up and read. I am going to give it a 3.5 Stiletto’s.