Belong to Me

Belong to Me - Shayla Black This book was amazing on so many levels. But the utmost level was its eroticism! Shayla writes a seductive masterpiece of such magnitude it will leave you panting for more!

Logan and Tara were high school sweethearts. Tara was his tutor and Logan was the jock. But on the same day that Tara gives herself completely to Logan in all ways, his mother gets murdered! Logan is torn up and the first person, the only person he wants to see is his beloved Tara.

But things were not as they seem! Logan had asked Tara to show up but she never did and when he returned home to find a note on his pillow, telling him to leave his girlfriend or else.

Logan was just sixteen at the time and not knowing what else to do he breaks Tara’s heart. Tells her that they can’t be together anymore and she should never speak to him again.

His never been right since.

Tara of course is devastated as Logan was her true love. Her heart never quite got over the star quarter back.

12 Years Later……

Logan is a Seal on leave and he returns to his dungeon at the BDSM Club Dominion. He’s been celibate for the last five years and the only thing that gets him to that next place he seeks. Emotions. Is the thought of his sweet Cherry…. Aka… Tara.

Tara now works for the FBI, engaged to her boyfriend of three years Brad, only to be thrust into an assignment of learning how to be the perfect submissive. Her boss sends her to work with the best. And where does the best happen to be? None other than Dominion, that’s where.

Tara comes face to face with Logan.. He broke her heart, made her life hell, and she refuses to work with him. She wants another Dom. Someone who doesn’t awaken the blood in her veins and makes her heart beat faster!

I couldn’t put this book down! And when I had to I was pissed! I read at work on break and lunch and at home! I ignored everyone!

Logan wants Tara back at any cost and even before he realizes its her, the woman that he saw through the glass with fiery red hair, awoke something deep inside him. The fact that it turns out to be his Cherry makes the icing on the cake just the sweeter!

Even if he doesn’t want to train her to be who she really is, he devises a plan that will not only win him her body but also her heart.

All the Wicked Lovers series has a bit of flare and suspense in them. But this one was different in a way that it was darker more dangerous. Shayla takes you on the journey where the people you love and trust for all your life growing up are nothing of what they seem!

I was thoroughly shocked to find out who The Sire was! You will be too! At first I thought there were two different stories along side one another but Shayla weaved them together PERFECTLY!

And the sex! EXPLOSIVE! DARK! DEEP IN THE PIT OF YOUR SOUL FIRE! Goodness I got the butterfly feeling in my stomach on almost all the damn sex scenes! That’s saying a lot! Usually it’s the first sex scene that is woo woo for me and then everything else after that is just Good!

But this time all the woo wooing was done in tandem to every single freaking SMEXY there was! All I can say to that is HALLELUIJAH and VERY NICELY DONE!

For the entire book I wanted Logan to BELONG TO ME! Dammit!

I could write an entire love letter to all that is Logan! From the book before Surrender to Me that was about his brother and some people that Hunter was Stalkerish.. HE WAS NOT! but Logan he got what he wanted in such a way that you have to admire the Edinginton Flare!

If and when I get my do over in life I want to be pursed like that! I want it to be a dark and dangerously seductive ride into sweltering bliss!

Buy the damn book! You won’t be sorry! Aww damn! You know I am going to give a copy of this book away! Why because it is so EFFIN HOT!

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