Garden of Secrets

Garden of Secrets - Barbara Freethy 5th Book in the Angel’s Bay Series 384 Pages Mass Market Paperback Publisher: Pocket Star
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Dr. Charlotte Adams is torn between two men. Rev. Andrew Schilling is her past, a high-school romance that went drastically wrong. But he's back in town now and part of her present — along with newly-divorced Police Chief Joe Silviera, whom she's been powerfully attracted to for months. The question is, which man is her future — and Charlotte has to face and accept her past before she can build a life with Joe.

TWO MEN TWO MEN TWO MEN! That was what grabbed me from the beginning! Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I have not read any of the other books in the Angel’s Bay Series, but this did not take anything away from this book! Not at all! Will be I be reading the others? ABSO!

Charlotte’s and OBGYN who’s been back in Angel’s Bay for over a year now… She had no intentions of staying but luck would have it no other way. The story opens up with Charlotte attending the New Year’s Eve party of her arch nemesis's sister. She’s there but not really, because she was suppose to go to the party with the Rev. Andrew Schilling but he had other things that took priority so agreed to meet her there.
Its getting late and the countdown would soon be starting! Who wants a kiss? Well definitely not Charlotte because as she tries to make her escape, who decides to show up to the party, minutes before Andrew shows? None other than the sexy Chief of Police Joe Silviera…

Charlotte still hasn’t figured out who she wants to be with and instead of trying to figure it out she back tracks and heads up the stairs so that neither men will see her.

As she’s heading up the stairs, the lights go out! And the hostess of the party is now laying on her bedroom floor with a hefty amount of blood surrounding her. Luckily she’s still breathing, but now Charlotte is a suspect!

Joe and most of the people of the town know she isn’t a suspect but that doesn’t stop the Mayor from pointing fingers. Charlotte’s nemesis Pamela also happens to be the victims sister! could her day get any worse?

Andrew is her high school sweetheart and first love. But he broke her heart by cheating on her with Pamela! But Andrew wants a second chance and to make things right. But how can he do that when Pamela shows up to help tend to her sister?

Joe is recently divorced but he knows what he wants and her name is Charlotte. What Joe wants Joe will try and get as he tries to warm his way into Charlottes life. The only thing he asks if for Charlotte to stay away from any one affiliated with the crime, but she keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into the black cave of guilt!

The story was funny, suspenseful, with a big helping dose of sexy! I truly enjoyed this read! I love the dynamics of the characters, there was a bit of insight into the previous stories and it all had to do with couples getting together. Not to mention some Charlotte’s strange imaginary friend. Is she figment or is she an Angel of Angel’s Bay?

This is a quick read and will keep you turning pages so be sure to go and pick up your copy!