Crave - Karen E. Taylor Reviewed by Dawn:

Crave, by Karen E. Taylor, is a minute by minute adventure which holds the reader’s attention until the very end. YOU CANNOT predict next move of the characters—there is always a “twist”. The narrator (Dierdre) keeps the reader engaged, offering just enough information to whet the appetite. With a “colorful” cast of characters—the fine, handsome, ex-cop Mitch, the arrogant, commanding Victor, and all of the members of the secret Vampire society--the Cadre, you will NOT want to put this book down. Even I, a self-proclaimed, anti-Vampire prude, was so mesmerized by the story line and character development that I continued to come back for MORE! There were a few places where I was jolted and maybe a bit disappointed by the outcome like Dierdre’s and Mitch’s intermisting/fusing and the interaction between Dr. Sam and Dierdre… but perhaps that is because I am a bit of a cynic and “anti-love” prude (LOL).
Overall, I would highly recommend this book to Vampire/Romance fanatics and prudes alike. Even if you do not buy into the whole Vampire Underworld theme, you have to admit, with Ms. Taylor’s use of transitioning, allusion, and flashbacks, this makes for a very compelling and riveting story.