Frost Bitten

Frost Bitten - Eliza Gayle I really enjoyed reading this book! It was hot and sexy! Who wouldn't want to be rescued by the two sexy brother's Seth and Trent! They can help me with my mating heat anytime!

The brothers are in the middle of a snow storm searching for a lost skier, the brothers are literally led by their instincts and have been on the wrong track all along as their inner beasts have been leading them to Daisy, as sexy were jaguar. Don't worry about the original person they were seeking, as the lost college kid does get found, and as Trent and Seth are suppose to head back in, they detour towards a cabin they assume is abandon to hunker down for the night.

Only the cabin isn't abandoned, instead there is smoke billowing out from the chimney and the brothers are compelled to investigate.

Daisy is left her hone in South Carolina to get away from the shifters there, due to her mating heat. She doesn't want to deal with all the complications that are brought on with it. Her family is wants her to mate so that she doesn't have to continuously be in pain and jump the first shifter she sees!

As she is warming herself in her rented cabin she smells trespassers! Just because she's small doesn't mean she can't fight! She's a game warden back home and with that she is always defending her position!

Intruders turn out to be two sexy brothers that are trapped with her in the upcoming storm, and shes promised herself to resist them both, but of course we know that just doesn't happen!

I love the banter between the twins Seth and Trent, its funny and was definitely based out of brotherly love. These two have already figured out that they are going to help Daisy, and even though she refuses, she ends up in their bed.

She wants to mate and have babies, but can she handle that in the type of relationship the two brothers are proposing?

For that reason there, I wish Eliza would turn it into a full length novel so that we can see how the dynamics of the relationship progress!

I recommend you pick this up! 63 pages it was a fast sexy read!