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The Mastery of Master Dan! (Mini Review)

Dark Citadel - Cherise Sinclair

I was not disappointed! I read this in one day and enjoyed every minute of it! The dynamics between Kari and Dan are heartfelt and hot! Dans the man! 

Dark Citadel! Excited! Can't wait to crack this open!

Dark Citadel - Cherise Sinclair

Can't wait to start reading this! 

Totally Hot!

The Flame - Christopher  Rice

This is just a quick mini review.... 


I was all in for this story by Mr. Rice. It was wonderfully written and from a POV that was quite refreshing..... Cassidy is one lucky lady, as is her husband and best friend. If you're looking for a quick read, that will keep you turning the pages this one is definately for you! 

Club Shadowlands

Club Shadowlands  - Cherise Sinclair Shadowlands

I'm reading these out of order obviously, but so glad I'm reading them. I started yesterday and woke up at 4 am to start again, the story is brilliant and heartfelt and just amazing. I really want more from the story perspective as far as what happens next with the couples. I know who ends up with you just from reading her book from 1001 Dark Knights but still I get antsy.... Lol Master Z and Cullen are now my favorites from the series.

Show Me, Baby: A Masters of the Shadowlands Novella (1001 Dark Nights)

Show Me, Baby: A Masters of the Shadowlands Novella (1001 Dark Nights) - Cherise Sinclair Awesome read

I really enjoyed Rainie and Jakes story Ms. Sinclair created a beautiful story. I laughed, swooned, and was tears eyed! Bravo!

Dungeon Games

Dungeon Games - Lexi Blake Loved!

This was an amazing story, just what I needed. Can't wait for more! Lexi rocks! The characters were amazing! Beautiful story

Cursed by Fire (Blood & Magic #1)

Cursed by Fire (Blood & Magic #1) - Danielle Annett I enjoyed this book and read it while on my way to visit family in California. It had me from the first page of the book. The characters were vivid and I was drawn into the world that Ms. Annett created. I will be the first to admit I don't like 1st POV but this was done so well, that I didn't once complain. I will def be picking up the next book in the series, I'm curious to how things will pan out, and looking forward to what I think can be a possible romance!

I felt the book was original and had a style all its own.

Kept reading until 4am

Chained by Night - Larissa Ione

So what started out as a crappy night turned into an amazing evening of ups and downs, and OMG moments! 


Now there was nothing crappy about the book, but because I had this to read, it made my journey into the world of Technical Support that much more livable. 


I picked up Chained by Night, thinking to myself, I'll start this and then finish it during the week. (What was I thinking.. .right?) This is Larissa Ione we're talking about, and I've never been able to read one of her books, and just pick it up during the week to finish. Somehow, I think my subconscious knew this would be the case, and somehow convinced my brain that while I was tech support hell, only Ione could pull me back from the brink of insanity. So as a remote rep dialed in to fix my computer, I sat and read... and read... and read... Long into the wee hours of the morning. 


I love this series! Did I say I love this series? Well I do! Hunter has promised Kars who is from another clan that he would mate with his daughter Rasha in order to bring peace between the clans. Rasha has a twin Aylin who most believe is some grotesque lower than life person. (She is far from that) from the moment I started reading the book, Ione laid out a fairly predictable plot, but in doing so, she sets the stage up for an amazing adventure. As a reader you know that Hunter is going to end of with Aylin.. How could he not, the sister Kasha is stuck up, and basically just a big Ol' BEYOTCH through out most of the story, and what little kindness she does show her sister is not truly a kindness. 


I was in Hunt's and Aylin's corner from the start and loved watching these two struggle around each other for their feelings, because when the fire finally sparks, its amazing to watch how it just keeps getting hotter and hotter.... 


Then Ione throws in the "Tests" that have to be completed by Hunter and his mate, who not only refuses to go, but allows her sister who is "seems" physically unable to go in her stead. This was my favorite part of the entire story. Aylin sacrifices so much. Regardless of how she was brought up to believe she wasn't better than everyone else, and virtually last in the pecking order. 


I love strong heroines more than their alpha protective heroes but Hunter also showed a side of himself that I think surprised even me. Even when he was going to try and help her, he listened to her when she told him to stand his ground. Even though everything in him told him to go and save her, he allowed her to be her own person, make her own decision. (BEAUTIFUL) 


There was some reveals that happen in this story, we learn a little more about some of the secondary characters, and now I'm left wondering, who's next? The history between Myne and Hunter is revealed and I swear i didn't see that one coming. 


Samult is a punk ass, but I'm curious about him.... (Gotta read to find out who he is) 


I loved the lore that was created around the characters. 


Sex (Check) Steamy (Check) 


Once again Ione delivers a powerful tale filled with action and love, and surprises around every corner. Characters that will stay with you even after you close the book. Excited to see what happens in the next installment and who's up for the new "Love Connect" 




Breathe With Me

Breathe with Me - Kristen Proby

I totally enjoyed this book! It wasn't my favorite in the series but it was def a great read! Can I just say that the William's and Montgomery men are HAWT HAWT HAWT! And not just the looks either, Proby makes her male characters easy to fall for, they all have these beautiful personas that you can't help but love. 


What I enjoyed the most out of the story was the main characters interaction and instant reconnect. They didn't waste time getting back to where they were in the beginning. There was very little drama compared to some of the previous books, but there was enough emotional investment there for each character. 


They both had to deal with trust issues, as well as the heroine dealing with the fact that her mother had just passed, and before that losing other members in her family she cared about. So to read their struggle and follow them on their journey made the story that much more believable. 


**Side note** Loved the Vegas trip that was hilarious! 


Beautiful Oblivion

Beautiful Oblivion  - Jamie McGuire

I have to admit up front, I love JM... I truly enjoyed reading Travis and Abby's book. They were a quick and easy read with lots of juicy drama. 


I was really excited to read Beautiful Oblivion and I tried really hard to get into the story. I just couldn't this go around and not because it was badly written, it had everything to do with I knew what was going to happen and I didn't want to know. I wanted to be shocked and flabbergasted and well surprised. 


Because I knew who/what was going to happen it took a lot away from the story to me. Was Trenton awesome, totally! I liked getting to know him as a person. I was on his side the entire time. 


I will say that I wish the conflict was more of conflict instead of just something the heroine felt awkward about. Its a sticky situation indeed, I don't know really, I guess I wanted a little more drama, maybe even some fighting. In a way I can understand why the "other guy" doesn't put up too much of a fight, the little things he did here and there gave him a douche like quality at times when he really wasn't. Over all I liked the book, I guess I was just expecting more... Lots more! 

The Consequences

The Consequences - Karin Tabke The Consequences (The Chronicles of Katrina #4)
THE CONSEQUENCE, the explosive conclusion to The Chronicles of Katrina, will leave you breathless and panting for more.

They have been dared and doubled-dared, and they’ve flirted with the truth, but as Kat and Simon tumble deeper into their sexual odyssey, their love for one another blooms magnificent and fierce. Soon their love is threatened but Kat’s certain nothing can tear them apart. Then duty calls and Simon’s betrayal is revealed.

Will Kat run again or will she finally stand and fight for her man?


What can I say! Tabke does it again in this final installment of Kat and Simon! The story picks up right where we left off in The Truth. Simon’s crazy ass sister-in-law, slash ex-bed buddy is in the kitchen with breakfast! Kat was a better woman than I ever would have been, because had that been me, well let’s just say, Knock out Kings, would have wanted to feature me on Best Knock Outs in 2014!

Yes, that’s how into the story I was! I felt what Kat felt, and I was like, “girl don’t walk away, don’t do it! Stand your ground and be all up in that crazy broads face! But Kats character handled it well, she even gave Simon an ultimatum. He didn’t like it of course but in the end it all works out for the best. We get to find out a little more about the crazy chick Amanda, and although I would have liked to see the two woman go at it, I was okay that they didn’t. But man, my spidey senses were on fire! I just kept say, “that girl is going down!”

Sadly it doesn’t happen the way I envisioned, but again its okay. There was enough drama to last a life time in The Consequence and we learned a few more things about Simon and the mysterious death of his brother Mark. This book has it all! Suspense, hot sex, drama, and OMG! MORE HOT COPS! I don’t want to give out too many spoilers here, but let me just say we haven’t seen the last of the HOT MEN OF THE BAY AREA! Tabke has promised us this and I am sooooo happy!

Did I mention that the book has some hawt sex? If I didn’t let me say it one more time… HOT S.E.X! Every woman needs a Simon in her life!

Everything ties together nicely in this last installment of this series. My only regret is I would have like to have seen like a flash forward into Kat and Simon’s future. I wanted to know what their children’s names were. What kind of wedding did they have. Did any more women come out of the closet? You know those types of things. But Karin has assured her fans that we have not seen the last of this dynamic power couple. I’m looking forward to checking in on them, and meeting some of Bay Area’s finest boys in blue!

Simon as always saves the day! Kat finds out that she can see herself with Simon in a forever ever kind of way and well Evan gets whats coming to him! THE BASTARD! This is what I love about Karin’s characters. They are so real and tangible you can’t help but get sucked into their story.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Karin Tabke’s The Consequence, because Simon says so!


Reaver - Larissa Ione It took me a hot minute to get into the book, but not because I didn't enjoy it. I was on a contemporary kick and then switched over to PNR. But OMG! I love Reaver and Harvester's book. Looking forward to his twins book!

Black and Blue

Black and Blue - Gena Showalter You can see the change that has taken place with Gena's writing. It's not a game changer for me. I was still into the story. Did I miss certain elements? Yes. But I kept on reading. I was able to put the book down, but not because I wasn't enjoying the read. It had more to do with trying to see where the story was headed. I like both characters, enjoyed their banter and the time spent falling for the other. Overall great read.

The Truth

The Truth - Karin Tabke Thrilling roller-coaster ride of epic proportions! Why do I say this? Because, that's what Tabke does, she takes you up, then down, the spins you around... and just when you think you're out of the cycle... BAM! She takes you through a loop! And what a loop it was!

I love the Chronicles of Katrina... If she would just take out the R, well then I'd have Simon all to myself!

I don't want to give too much away, but the book starts off right where Double Dare ends, we find out Simon is married... "GASPS" We want to hate Simon, no wait, LOVE Simon. But how can we trust this sexy cop? And that's exactly what Kat goes through. Can she or can't she trust Simon? That is the question. To top it off she has to deal with the douche bag who stole her work and now has it out for her....

But of course Simon saves the day, well sort of. Okay, he really does, but seriously the "Shark" lawyer, GAH! My question to Simon is, who haven't you boned? Because seriously dude its like you dipped into a little bit of this and a lot of that. And it just makes a girl wonder. Hmmmmmmm just who hasn't been heart broken by this man?

But one thing is for sure, I STILL LOVE ME SOME SIMON!

In this installment, Tabke gives you comedy, heart-break, and a little scare moment. I love how she is detailed and down to earth with her characters. Kat and Simon are real people to me with real problems. I will say this, you don't want to miss your chance to read Simon and Kat's story. You get a little bit more questions answered. Simon does open up to Kat, and well, lets just say, I feel for the brother. But not that crazy ass psycho woman! That's all I can say about her.

She has to be crazy, otherwise what's with the Roses? And the singing in the kitchen huh? I know, I know, you have no clue what I'm talking about, but all I can say is... Come November 5th, you had better get ready to steam up your e-readers! Simon is here to stay!

Bound by Night

Bound by Night - Larissa Ione Best Vampire book of 2013!

I truly enjoyed this novel. It wasn't like any of the other Vampire books that I read thus far over the last couple of years. In Ione's world Vampires are the slaves, and humans are doing the unspeakable. But when they rise up against their captives they fight back in a brutal way.

I also enjoyed the Native American aspect of the story and the origins of the Vampires. The mythology was fresh, different. I will be the first to admit I don't normally get down with the Native Americans, and I don't know why that is, its like me with books on Wizards... I can't get into them. But this was not the case here.

I found myself wanting to know more about the clans and their histories, and how they came to be the way they are. I have to say my favorite character in the entire book was the wacky vampire darker.

Katina was another favorite, she had a great sense of humor and was bad ass! I felt bad for Riker and Nicole and the struggle between the two main characters was real for me. I was able to identify with both of them not to mention the between the sheets action... Good lawd those two were hot hot hot!

Im invested in the series and can't wait for the sequel. I'm interested in Hunter as well as Myne... I can't wait for their stories. I hope Katina gets her own story as well...

Great new series that I'm dying to read more of.

Double Dare

Double Dare - Karin Tabke Double Dare is the follow up to The Dare, where we meet Katrina and Simon. I just want to say that I lurves me some Simon! There was some questions answered in this book, but then we have new questions along with that douche bag Evan and his hag of a wife... Why do I dislike them so much? Well maybe because Tabke does a wonderful job on her characters. If she meant for them to be villains then they are.

My only hiccup with the entire story is that it was too short! I devoured this read in less than two hours.

You definitely want to pick this book up, and hang on tight for the ride that is Double Dare. Everyone needs some Simon in their life...

Simon says... READ DOUBLE DARE!